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BIOGRAPHY OF DR BILAL PHILIPS – by islamevents.com

Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
was born in Jamaica, but
grew up in Canada where he
accepted Islam in 1972.
He completed a diploma in
Arabic and a B.A. from the
College of Islamic Disciplines
(Usul ad-Deen) at the Islamic
University of Madinah in
At the University of Riyadh,
College of Education, he
completed a M.A. in Islamic
Theology in 1985 and in the
department of Islamic Studies
at the University of Wales,
U.K. he also completed a Ph.D.
in Islamic Theology in 1994.
He taught Islamic Education
and Arabic in private schools
in Riyadh for over ten years
and for the past three years
he has been lecturing M.Ed.
students in the Islamic
Studies department of Shariff
Kabunsuan Islamic University
in Cotabato City, Mindanao,
Since 1994 he has founded
and directed The Islamic
Information Center in Dubai,
U.A.E., and the Department of
Foreign Languages at Dar al
Fatah Islamic Press in
Sharjah, U.A.E.
Among the author's published
works are translations of
"Ibn Taymiyyah's Essay on
the Jinn", "The Devil's
Deception" and Arabic
Calligraphy in Manuscripts.
He has also co-authored
"Polygamy in Islam", and
authored "Evolution of
Islamic Law", "Through
Repentance", "Islamic
Studies", "Hajj and Umrah
According to Quran &
Sunnah", "Islamic Rules on
Menstruation", "Arabic
Reading & Writing Made
Easy", "Arabic Grammar Made
Easy" and "The Purpose of
Author's published works are
translations of "Ibn
Taymeeyah's Essay on the
Jinn", and Arabic Calligraphy
in Manuscripts.
He has also co-authored
"Polygamy in Islam" and
authored "The Quran's
Numerical Miracle – Hoax and
Heresy", "Evolution of Fiqh",
"Islamic law and The Madh-
habs", "Tafseer Soorah al-
Hujurat", "The Ansar Cult",
"The Fundamentals of
Tawheed", "Hajj and ' Umrah
According to Qur'aan and
Sunnah", "Islamic Studies
(Book:1)", and "Salvation
Through Repentance".
His Website:
Please Note: Dr. Bilal Philips
is currently unable to travel
to US.
View Dr. Bilal's Events


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